RV & Camper Storage


For RV owners, finding secure storage can be a challenge. Fortunately, Hearthfire RV & Recreation is a great option. We provide convenient, safe, and reasonably-priced storage solutions for your recreational vehicles. 


Why do adventurers use self storage for their RVs, Campers or motorhomes? 

These include lack of space at home, neighborhood covenants, and more convenient traveling. 


Get More Space at Home

Storing an RV at home is out of the question for many. Your RV may be too tall to keep in a garage or too wide/long to keep in your driveway. Also, your neighbors may get annoyed! Even if your RV does fit in your garage or driveway, it can get in the way. Renting self storage can help you get more space in a garage or driveway.


Avoid Homeowners Association Fees

Many residential areas have neighborhood covenants established by homeowners’ associations that determine what can and cannot be kept outside of a home. One of these rules is NO RVs in your driveway or street. If you can’t store a recreational vehicle in a garage and want to avoid costly HOA fees, vehicle storage is a good alternative.


Where can I store an RV long term?

We own and operate several storage facilities in the area.


Can I have my RV transported to and from the storage facility?

Yes. We provide transportation to and from our facility for a fee OR you can transport it yourself.

We are on the hunt for a larger location in Delaware County PA! Have land for available? let us know !


As the trusted resource for the Recreation Industry, we enrich the lives of our customers by specializing in providing relaxing adventures.


To be a catalyst for the RV movement. To provide vacation opportunities at greater savings than those using planes, trains, automobiles, hotels, house rentals, and expensive restaurants.


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