peer-to-peer marketplace

Your Rental Your Way

Set your price, dates, rules, and more. We give you the tools to make sure you’re in control.

Truly Passive Income

Let us take care of delivery, return, cleaning, and even insurance!

Pay off your RV Sooner

Make enough money to cover its cost while sharing with a network of travelers.

Case Study

The Story

Meet Larry the newest member of the Irons family. Larry is a Venture Sonic Light 160-VBH. Well, technically Larry’s not actually family – he’s an RV. And, on their last trip to Lancaster, the Irons family were more than comfortably at home with Larry the RV. But with that vacation over, now what?


The Goal

What if there were a way for Larry’s unrealized potential to go unwasted. What if you could easily rent out your RV to other people and earn some cash at the same time. Heck! What if you could pay off your RV instead of having Mittens the neighborhood cat sleep under it?


The Solution

The team at Hearthfire RV & Recreation launched a peer-to-peer marketplace to give both Larry and the Irons family a new lease life. For RV owners like the Irons family, now there is a platform to earn passive income through short-term rentals when not using their RVs.

The platform takes care of delivery, return, cleaning, and even insurance. The Irons family doesn’t have to even think about the transaction except when the money hits their bank account.


The Results 

The Irons family has not only managed to pay their monthly loan payment for their RV, but they are also earning money through Hearthfire RV & Recreation’s managed service. Larry is no longer an expensive umbrella for Mittens the neighborhood cat. Larry is out on the road living his best life and the Irons family is using their extra income to invest in a larger RV.


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